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Who We Are

Fullsteam is a Los Angeles based, full-service private label agency, with a focus on apparel and accessory manufacturing, boasting decades of collective leadership expertise in building, and scaling profitable brands.  Our client-focused “Concept to Consumer” approach, enables us to manage your entire supply chain, from ideation to the point of sale.  Our partners encompass a wide range of sectors, including retail owned brands, direct-to-consumer brands, legacy brands, corporate entities, as well as artists, entertainers, and creators.

What We Do

Product Development

Our expert product development team works closely with our clients to translate their concepts into high quality products that the consumer demands, all while maintaining the brand ethos and vision. Whether our partners are developing high-end Fashion or Sport product lines, or looking to add a retail owned price-point sensitive brand, our development team executes based on our clients’ target requirements.


Our Merchandising team integrates with our clients’ Marketing function to provide guidance on trend analysis, and go-to-market plans, along with assortment and segmentation strategies.  We also offer inventory management services, to assist in tracking sales-to-stock ratios, which will ensure healthy sell-thrus and replenishment based on consumer demand.

Quick Turn Manufacturing

Speed to market, rapid replenishment, and scalability are essential in today’s fast evolving marketplace. Our domestic cutting-edge printing facilities can produce any treatment you can envision, while our overseas factories craft custom cut-and-sew garments and accessories specific to your requirements.

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Supply Chain Logistics

Allow our Operations experts to facilitate the entire supply chain from “Concept to Consumer.”  Our locally manufactured, quick-turn logistics and timelines are best in class. We also have integrated partnerships with our factories overseas, with the ability to flex capacity, based on demand, and Fullsteam will serve as your importer when your goods are ready to ship.

MArgin Enhancement

Our product sourcing and sales teams collaborate with our clients, employing a net pricing model to ensure we meet their margin requirements, and maximize profitability.  Our premier partnerships with our domestic printers, and overseas factories, allow us to pass on value savings to our clients.

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Vendor Compliance

Our compliance value added services include RFID, custom packaging, labeling, and ticketing, while adhering to all fulfillment and EDI standards.  Our factories exceed all fair labor practices, as well as safety and import/export regulations.


Utilize our Los Angeles based fulfillment facilities to warehouse your products and distribute them directly to your customers.  Our team will oversee the setup and receiving of your goods, including shipments from other suppliers.  All inventory and tracking data will sync seamlessly with your brand’s POS systems, and our sales team will assist with inventory forecasting and sell-thru management.

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As a premium Shopify Partner, we have a depth of knowledge and experience to help manage your online storefront, allowing our clients to focus on building their brand. We can help optimize the user experience, build funnels for the marketing team, carefully build out the product catalog and more.  Our clients can rely on Fullsteam's expertise and resources to help scale their brands and ensure reliable store management.


Our Eco-friendly manufacturing process maintains premium product carbon footprint standards, and ethical sourcing, while providing supply chain transparency. We also facilitate the use of organic and recycled materials and packaging.

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Our Partners